MK Flowmeter

MK Flowmeter

This is made on the same principle as the area flowmeter, but contains special sealing and indicator systems and has a newly designed contact mechanism. It is most suitable for measuring slurry liquids. Sand, oil and foreign matter in the liquid have no effect on the relay function. It's time constant is small. the flow rate measuring, indicator and warning signal sections are all linked directly, so the time constant is small. All the readings at he upper or lower limit are changeable. the warning signal can be set at any desired pont within the entore reading range, and keeps the flow rate difference between the upper and lower contacts below 10%. Pressure loss is small. 

Regardless of diameter, pressure loss is below 2m water-head. the flow rate indication error is within 5% of the rated flow. the waterproof casing allows for outdoor use. The heater (10W) azt the bottom of the realy keeps the temperature inside the relay 5 - 6 degrees higher than the ambient temperature and prevents moisture inside the relay. It can be installed in any position regardless of the flow direction, horizontal or vertical. when placing an order, please specify the flow direction. Forced lowering is possible, allowing claening of the detection from outside. The cam lever can be raised manually widening the opening between the float and the tube wall. As a result, soil and other foreign matter flow downward and out. Please specify the diameter from the range of 2B - 12B. The maximum heat resistance is 80°C.

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