Flat Spray Nozzles

1. Flat Spray Nozzle

Flat Spray Nozzle

These are the most common nozzles of fan flat spraying. Owing to simple structure, clogging of impurities is little and these nozzles are used widely for roll cooling, steel material cooling, washing, chemical solution spraying and defoaming. The thickness of water film being sprayed flatly is in a range of 15 to 30mm at spray distance of 300mm though it is variable with pressure, flow rate, spray angle and distance. Water drops are large. The flow distribution is generally raised in the central part in the spray width wise. Type KSS is also available to order.

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2.  Flat Spray Nozzle - Atomizing

Flat Spray Nozzle - Atomizing

This type of nozzle has a small flow rate, fine particle size and relatively soft impinging force. The nozzle tip is replaceable and a strainer and a filter is installed to prevent clogging. The flow rate and spray angle are available in a wide variety. The flow distribution profile is somewhat higher in the central part of the spray width, and this is suited to arrange multiple nozzles by over lapping with each other. The recommended operating pressure is 5 to 15 kgf/cm2. It is composed of a nozzle tip, adapter, cap, strainer, nut and filter, all parts are detachable and interchangeable. As required, parts of different materials may be combined. When overlapping multiple nozzles, the deviating angle can be adjusted freely by the nozzle tip in order to prevent interference of sprays of adjacent nozzles.

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3. Flat Spray Nozzle - Separate Type

Flat Spray Nozzle - Separate Type

The flat spray nozzle (separate type) spray profile is the same as that of the flat spray nozzle (for medium low pressure).The nozzle is composed of a nozzle tip, cap and adapter and is available in screw in type with adjustable deviating angle and in welded type with fixed deviating angle. Parts of different materials may be combined. Eg: Nozzle tip - stainless steel, cap,adapter - brass

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Hollow Cone Nozzle

Hollow Cone Nozzle

Despite the conical hollow spray, the pattern becomes closer to the full area spray as the spray distance is further. When set at seven pore model, a circular full area spray of 1 to 2 metres in diameter is obtained. In the pressure range of 3 to 30kg/cm2 water droplets become fine and a very soft spray is obtained. Therefore, when applied in the cooling of steel materials, water droplets are readily evaporated and a great effect is expected of a small water volume. Also, effective in gas cooling, gas cleaning, dust collecting and steel and chemical industries. Depending on space of installation, there are one pore type, three pore type and seven pore type.

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Hollow Cone Atomizing Nozzle

Hollow Cone Atomizing Nozzle

Hollow cone atomizing nozzles are for obtaining a fine mist. Used widely in oil burners, humidifying, disinfecting, sterilising, oil coating. The cemented carbide type is particularly excellent in wear resistance at high pressure and is suited for airless painting and oil coating. The spray angle is 45°, 60° and 80° at pressure of 10kg/cm2. Composed of body, nozzle tip (integral with body if made with stainless steel or brass), spiral core and setscrew. Strainer, wire net and adapter are furnished as specified.

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