JIC Model 30-FW-2C

Model 30-FW-2C

Standard multipurpose sprinkler of full circle, 2 nozzles and a 20 degree trajectory angle developped especially for the purpose of preventing insects and sterilization of oranges and other fruit.

Model 30-FW-2C - Located at one side of the body, both big and small nozzles do not interrupt at all the inside water to flow smoothly. The water drops are gushed out from the nozzles and a part of them are automatically composed to change into drops of bigger power. (It is possible to force two water jets to clash with each other if needed). The body and impact arm are made of bronze, the bearing, rotation axis and nozzles are made of brass and the pins and springs are made of stainless steel. In order to prevent the axis from rotating wrong because of chemicals, the bearing part is equipped with a plastic sleeve and a stepped steel bush. The spacing range is from 12 x 12 ms to 14 x 14 ms. 3/4" male PT (JIS-B-0203).

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