Air Mist Nozzle

1. Air Mist Nozzle

Air Mist Nozzle

The air mist nozzle has a uniform water flow distribution. It has a simple internal structure so there is less clogging. The nozzle is easy to disassemble and clean. It has a low air-water ratio and a greater spray thickness. The mixing part has a unique structure which witholds counterflow so that a normal spray pattern may be obtained if the water pressure becomes higher than the air pressure. A superwide angle spray type is manufacturable. Its possible to mount in a corner or limited space by using a mixing tube. Because of simultaneous flow of air, wear of parts is very small and the life is longer. It also has a wide water flow rate controllable range.

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2. Mini Mist Nozzle

Mini Mist Nozzle

Mini mist nozzles are intermixing flat spray pattern, small flow rate air mist nozzles. They are very useful when small particles are required or wetting should be avoided. The flow rate is controllable in a wide range from very small to relatively large. Because of the wide spray pattern, the sprayed mist spreads over a large area. The mist is quick to dry. The simple structure contributes to the reduction of clogging and easy overhaul cleaning. Available in stainless steel or brass.

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3. Round Mist Nozzle

Round Mist Nozzle

Fullcone type air mist nozzles with a large flow rate and extremely stable spray characteristics because the patented mixing body provides a large cooling area and uniform water flow rate distribution. Air and water supplied seperately from the connecting ports are collected within the mixing body and turned into mist. The mist passes through the nozzle tip orifice, and is sprayed at a specified spray angle and at a specified flow rate. The unique structure of the mixing body prevents back flow, ensuring a proper spray pattern even if the water pressure is higher than the air pressure. Available in stainless steel or brass.

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