Ramp Flat Nozzles

Ramp Flat Nozzle

Ramp flat nozzles spray only in one side direction.

Where it is desired to spray only in one side direction of the nozzle, the socket of the header must be inclined and welded in an ordinary nozzle, which involves the problems of processing, cost and precision. In this nozzle, on the other hand, a fixed eccentric spray is obtained relatively easily only by welding the socket at right angle to the header and screwing in the nozzle. This is the flat spray nozzle having the spray pattern deviated from the nozzle centre. The standard flow distribution is an eccentric convex type, while a uniform type is also manufactured upon request. Meanwhile, one side of the spray pattern is always positioned beneath the nozzle centre in the standard type but nozzles having different right and left spray angle from the nozzle centre are also manufactured by optional specification.

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